Microlearning Isn’t So Easy Peasy

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It’s not news that microlearning is crushing today’s learning and upskilling market. But, turning bite-sized lessons into high-quality content is deceptively tricky. 

Sure, microlearning looks easy enough to create. Anyone can take a huge course and chisel it into smaller pieces, claiming that, “Now, learning is faster than ever!” But, too many folks have experienced that less-than-optimal e-learning experience. 

The Agony 

I’m talking about the slideshow presentation that was meant for in-person lectures.  

Or the course on emerging tech where half the videos are almost a decade old and are completely outdated.  

Or the lessons offer transcription, but they’re formatted as an illegible block of text.  

Heck, maybe the instructor’s mic goes in and out, and you have to strain to hear what’s going on, and when you realize what’s happening, they’re referencing a previous lesson that was accessible at one point, but is now lost to the world wide web. 

The Ecstasy 

At the root of it, great microlearning starts and ends with great content. In most cases, for microlearning to be truly successful, this content must be engineered with quality and brevity in mind from the outset. Unfortunately, you can’t just trim videos and hope for the best. 

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if each and every bite-sized lesson went through a quality checkpoint system? You would be able to rely on the same quality and consistency throughout your learning experience!  

Not only should microlessons be brief, so you can get back to what matters to you, but they should also be stand-alone. Imagine being able to mix and match lessons, without needing to know what happened in the previous lesson to progress! Just think of all the time and agony you’d save in NOT going over content you already know! 

Good microlearning creation isn’t as easy-peasy as it sounds, but nailing down an industrialized process to produce concise, standalone content using rigorous quality assurance checks sure makes it feel that way. 



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