Top 5 Ways to Upskill

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Upskilling is a bit of a buzzword right now. It makes sense, because in this age of information, work environments and procedures are constantly changing.  

If you’re a half-decent manager, you’ll champion upskilling, because it means you’ll have an agile team ready to take on the world.  

But not all upskilling is created equal. Don’t worry, though, we laid out the top five things to look out for while on the road to upskilling. 

Use an Intelligent Upskilling Platform 

Sure, YouTube or LinkedIn Learning courses can both be used for training teams. But, how much of that course content does your team already know? And how do they know what they don’t know?  

I know, this sounds like a riddle. But, if you use a platform that intelligently surfaces content specific to filling skills gaps, then there won’t be anything you or your teams don’t know. You know?   

Are You a Reader, a Listener, or a Doer? 

The good news about technology is that we have entered an era where we can accommodate all varieties of learning styles.  

It can be frustrating for visual learners to only have audio or written instruction. Kinesthetic learners might take longer to grasp concepts without practice exercises to guide them.  

Find yourself a platform that offers it all for your teams, so everyone can feel comfortable.  

Keep it Short 

How often have you looked something up on YouTube, only to be inundated by the instructor’s life story?  

Chances are, you didn’t come for the autobiography—you came for the skills. 

 Instead, try a platform that pinpoints exactly what you’re working on. This saves you time and the energy it takes to keep your eyes from sticking after you’ve rolled them so hard at an anecdote about someone’s great-aunt twice removed.  

Nurture Growth 

Offering personalized learning paths lets teams grow their careers. Happy employees, happy company.  

If you concentrate on your employee’s satisfaction, they’re less likely to try to find a different opportunity. It can take up to $4,000 to bring on a new hire, and that doesn’t even include how much time and money it takes to onboard that new employee.  

Keep your current employees and keep them growing.  

Delivered Your Way 

Learning shouldn’t impede productivity, it should enhance it.  

Need-based learning and solutions cater to individuals, providing answers they need, right when they need them. This can look like upskilling on the go, via mobile apps, or in-application performance support. 

Isn’t it time that learning came to you? 

In Short 

Upskilling done right can feel like a huge undertaking, but it’s worth it for your team and company to make sure they have a fighting chance at actually gaining new skills. Using a platform that does it all for makes the process painless.  


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