I Know a Guy Who Knows a Guy…

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So, you got a guy for the job? Oh, he’s great—you can rely on him to get the job done right. Been doin’ it for years.  So well, he can do it with his eyes closed. But turns out, I overheard he’s thinkin’ ‘bout retiring… 

Wait, what? He’s… he’s… RETIRING?! 

Sound familiar? That moment of panic when you realize that you’re about to lose the company’s best technician who knows everything there is to know about working with your tech in the field.  

Of course, one of your first moves is to hire an apprentice who shadows them and learns everything they can from your expert, which is great. But then, only one new recruit learns from the master.  

And, you can’t possibly afford to have all your techs shadow him. Even if they took turns, he’d probably retire before you got through the entire rotation. That’s just completely impractical.  

Before you envision your productivity figures dropping and the increased stress on your customer service team, there’s a simpler solution—content digitization. 

While your young, tech-savvy recruit is shadowing your field expert, simply have them record their training sessions on their phone. Capture your technician’s expertise. Record their best practices and step-by-step processes for routine installations as well as fixes. Let them cover each unique case scenario and explain how best to address it.  

Then, with the 4D Technologies accelerated capture process, you can take those videos and turn them into a digitized single source of truth for your entire workforce. Now, none of your employees will need to “know a guy who knows a guy” because they’ll all have access to that knowledge right at their fingertips whenever and wherever they need it. 

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