Why partner with 4D?

Whether you’re starting a company, launching a product, expanding into new markets, or just want to secure more recurring revenue – we are your secret weapon!

4D is a…

  • Subscription success solution 
    • Land, adopt, expand, and renew (LAER)
  • Employee lifecycle productivity tool
    • Hire, onboard, upskill, and retain (HOUR)
  • ROI accelerator
    • Lower costs, faster results

With core competencies in… 

  • Content digitization 
    • You provide the expertise, we do the rest
    • Aligned to today’s content consumption patterns
    • From any asset to any type of content
  • Purpose-built platforms
    • Role-based content deployment
    • Enterprise grade infrastructure
    • Endlessly scalable
    • Engagement strategies
  • Intelligent, analytic-based targeting
    • Full customer or employee journey
    • Rinse and repeat market expansion

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, we can be the backbone of any business.

Let’s talk about how we can help yours.

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How to Make Learning Sustainable

Most people don’t think of learning as sustainable – they think of it as an event. It’s a class you attend or an online course you complete. But that thinking doesn’t connect learning to applying skills on the job.

Traditional one-and-done training has lost its credibility as sessions quickly become outdated, inaccurate, and irrelevant. Your business needs sustainable learning that delivers relevant content exactly when and where it’s needed. But how do you get there?

Sustainability Requires Maintenance

For starters, it’s crucial to create and stick to a learning sustainability plan that keeps all your content fresh. As products, workflows, applications, and goals change, content needs to be reviewed and updated continuously.

Ask yourself: Does the content develop the skills needed for ideal job performance?

While sustainable learning has to focus on relevant, high-quality training, it needs to go beyond that. It needs to give insight into how effective your operations are. If learning doesn’t meet that goal, then it’s pointless.

Plus, when you pay more attention to your learning content, you build credibility. Your team will know that their training is accurate and up to date – because it will be.

Application Leads to Updates

If learning content is old, obsolete, and not applied on the job, then it needs to be updated or retired.

Ask yourself: Does the content focus on outcomes that meet business goals?

New content and updates can be captured in two ways: reactively or proactively.

You can reactively update your content as your team submits requests or as you identify training gaps. This gives everyone the opportunity to have their voice heard and builds a community of sharing through learning.

Or you can proactively ask your team for updates with regularly scheduled process evaluations. This lets the content’s importance dictate how often it gets reviewed.

Outside Views Inspire Change

But reviews of your content shouldn’t only happen internally.

Ask yourself: What outside consultants have practical experience with similar problems?

Understanding how others solve similar problems lets you explore new ways to boost productivity and create more efficient workflows. External reviews provide the perfect opportunity to meet with your business partners and discover how you can improve together.

Purpose Drives True Sustainability

It’s time to do away with “update” training. Training sessions on new features or functions have nothing to do with applying skills to meet desired goals. When you focus on workflows and outcomes, you build learning with a purpose and that makes it truly sustainable.

When you use a role-based system built on microlearning content, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time there is a change. Just update the relevant content and the system should be smart enough to deliver it exactly where it’s needed. And that’s how you equip your team to learn sustainably.

If you don’t think of learning as sustainable, it’s time to change that.

I Know a Guy Who Knows a Guy…

So, you got a guy for the job? Oh, he’s great—you can rely on him to get the job done right. Been doin’ it for years.  So well, he can do it with his eyes closed. But turns out, I overheard he’s thinkin’ ‘bout retiring… 

Wait, what? He’s… he’s… RETIRING?! 

Sound familiar? That moment of panic when you realize that you’re about to lose the company’s best technician who knows everything there is to know about working with your tech in the field.  

Of course, one of your first moves is to hire an apprentice who shadows them and learns everything they can from your expert, which is great. But then, only one new recruit learns from the master.  

And, you can’t possibly afford to have all your techs shadow him. Even if they took turns, he’d probably retire before you got through the entire rotation. That’s just completely impractical.  

Before you envision your productivity figures dropping and the increased stress on your customer service team, there’s a simpler solution—content digitization. 

While your young, tech-savvy recruit is shadowing your field expert, simply have them record their training sessions on their phone. Capture your technician’s expertise. Record their best practices and step-by-step processes for routine installations as well as fixes. Let them cover each unique case scenario and explain how best to address it.  

Then, with the 4D Technologies accelerated capture process, you can take those videos and turn them into a digitized single source of truth for your entire workforce. Now, none of your employees will need to “know a guy who knows a guy” because they’ll all have access to that knowledge right at their fingertips whenever and wherever they need it. 

Stop Learning Like It’s 1899

Georgian? Victorian? Are British monarchal institutions what come to mind when you think of education or training? Probably not, but it was during their reign that Western education as we know it was formalized. 

Let that sink in. 

Yep, for all intents and purposes, we are learning today the same way folks did 200 years ago. 

And you may be thinking, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. 

But, is it not broken? 

Think back to your time in a classroom, right before a big test. Did you ever write and rewrite the same list of words or ideas until you could recite them back in proper order? Maybe this is how you memorized the Periodic table, Latin declensions, a Robert Frost poem, or the elements of design. 

We want to know. What can you recite right now? 

Go ahead, we’ll give you a few minutes.

Peeling Off the LAER(s)

Anybody near a sales or customer success organization in the last couple years knows about the LAER model. The Land, Adopt, Expand, Renew (L.A.E.R.) cycle is designed to streamline the customer lifecycle. In practice, however, it often falls short. 

Why? Because its success depends upon another very important four-letter acronym—CaaS, or Content as a Subscription.