From endless searches to precise answers

Companies already have most of the content they need. Yet, each employee wastes nearly two hours per day searching for the information they need to complete tasks. And nearly half of those searches end in failure.

Your best practices, documentation, and instructional materials shouldn’t be a drain on resources.

They should provide immediate answers – so everyone can do their best work.

4D content engineering transforms your learning program from a cost center to a revenue driver.

Elevate your knowledge management experience

Three steps to intelligent content


We work with your team to better understand how you currently access information. What content do you have? Who needs to see it? What institutional memory and best practices need to be captured and turned into searchable intellectual property?


Once we understand the landscape, we create an optimized organizational competency map. Now you have a baseline of the exact skills and competency needed to run your company, by team, geo, business unit, or across your entire organization.


Leveraging the competency map and planning data, we index the appropriate content and align it by role where it can be accessed and measured in one place. Now you can analyze data throughout the entire employee lifecycle, so you know exactly where you are today, and can plan better for tomorrow.

Let’s do this

Why throw additional headcount at perceived gaps or cut staff based on gut-feel? Re-tool and right-size proactively and precisely based on real-time analytics.

Our Solution Ecosystem

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