Right Hires, Right Skills, Right Now

Resumes reveal work history, experience, and education, but they don’t provide real insight into a person’s ability to succeed in a role.

Go beyond the resume with pre-hire assessments – the cost-effective way to find best-fit candidates fast and set every new hire up to succeed from day one.

Hire better faster

Find the right person for the job in less time by effectively screening and ranking applicants based on assessment results.

Boost your bottom line

Save time and money by increasing the efficiency of your hiring process and reducing costly employee turnover.

Level the playing field

Objectively compare assessment performance to choose the best candidates fairly and impartially.

Discover future stars

Spot candidates who are most likely to be successful in their roles and willing to grow with your organization.

Transform the experience

Show candidates what to expect as you assess their skills and deliver personalized onboarding paths for new hires.

Ready to hire top-performing people that make your business thrive?

An HOUR Will Save You Big Time

Are you tired of wasting thousands of dollars patching holes in your teams?

On average, employers spend $4,000 to hire a single new employee, and that doesn’t include training or onboarding.

Not to mention the opportunity costs of your best people who are offline while they’re mentoring your new hires.

Don’t sweat, though.

We’re here to help you streamline the HOUR. Read our white paper to see how.

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